Hiram Gilberto Garcia (Founder/CEO)

Raised in El Paso, Texas, I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2019, holding degrees in International Relations (with a focus on Latin American international security) and Government, with a minor in Spanish. My academic journey laid the groundwork for a career devoted to enhancing the general welfare.

I’ve played integral roles as a Community Outreach Coordinator and Public Relations Consultant for Non-Profits, along with serving as the Elected LULAC District Deputy Director for Young Adults. These experiences have deepened my commitment to community engagement and welfare.

In response to the demand for unbiased, independent, education-based media, I founded news channels like HIRAM LIVE. This initiative addresses the critical need for comprehensive coverage of major political movements in Austin, Texas, and beyond.

Through ImHiram’s expanded professional video services, I’ve had the privilege to document impactful moments in history using industry-grade equipment and methods. Looking ahead, my focus is on further expanding my experience and expertise in developing accessible, educational, independent media.

Our dedicated team at HIRAM LIVE shares a collective commitment to providing exemplary professional video services, contributing to the creation of meaningful and insightful content.