ATX Mass Shooting –


  1. Where?! What?! Just seeing this

  2. Hate hearing this.

  3. This is wild

  4. Please be careful, bud.

  5. They at large!

  6. Stay safe! Going to sleep..💙

  7. Was it one shooter or multiple people shooting at each other ? I heard both

  8. I just going state this here dont blame the ROT rally this shit happens all the time. We just don’t see it.

  9. Not deceased, drunk

  10. No that dude isn’t deceased he’s beyond intoxicated lol according to the police

  11. Turn on parking lot off 35 th on 9th st

  12. I was just about to go to bed until I got this notification. I had a couple of friends go downtown and am waiting until I hear back from them.

  13. 6th and Neches area

  14. Was it at a mexican restaurant where it happened?

  15. Ralph surber has the live video of the shooting

  16. People showing up, idk

  17. Not taking place, just presence showing. Up

  18. Hurry up tho, cameras look like it’s showing up

  19. Noooo I want to see the conference

  20. Thanks for doing what you do!

  21. I don’t think 16 got shot, I think that number is less however there might have been injured others that could make it closer to 16

  22. Debra Barwinczak Elliott
    Debra Barwinczak Elliott

    Switch phones now so we don’t miss anything.

  23. Just got on what happened?

  24. I hate speculation- rather hear the the new conference

  25. We all look like nosie teenagers lol

  26. Great reporting!

  27. If I have multiple gunshot wounds skip urgent care and take me to Dell

  28. Zero casualties (at present)

  29. Great Job-Hiram

  30. Yes, thank you Hiram

  31. He said no suspects in custody yet

  32. They gave one description

  33. Suspect isn’t in custody!

  34. Chicago always has tons of shootings unfortunately…..😥

  35. For that many people to get shot he must of had a large clip

  36. All in all, this is best case scenario so far, other than capturing the shooter. Prayers for all involved and the witnesses too.

  37. Thanks Hiram!

  38. Great job man thanks

  39. !notify

  40. Rosemond Arnolda Crown
    Rosemond Arnolda Crown

    Hi Hiram Gilberto I’m a news reporter with KWTX news in Waco. We want to get the word out about the shooting. Could we use your videos and give you full credit for them on TV?

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