1. Good Father’s day laugh 😂

  2. Hahaha 🤣 looneys

  3. OMG 😳

  4. these are the type of people that tell others to “get over it”

  5. Their craziness is real 🤣🤣

  6. Circus ninjas hiding votes in Montana. Lol maybe that’s where they will find bamboo

  7. Oh no crazy.

  8. Oh this the comedy clips for The Daily Show and night show!!

  9. she’s going to be famous!!

  10. Hello Hiram

  11. then dont surpress them!

  12. Give it up!

  13. what the hell!!

  14. What tha fuck 😂

  15. Lunatics

  16. Losers never win winners win

  17. the lady talks to

  18. So embarrassing, I doubt seriously that she’s an FBA.

  19. 😂😂😂

  20. No surprise that trump terriostis are still causing problems

  21. “I’ve studied this fictional book for 40 years, searching for the end of the world” lmfaooooo

  22. Texas lol. Better outside cuz they have no ac. Be careful you don’t run into a loon with a gun

  23. Q much 🤣

  24. Sandra Deardorff Schulz
    Sandra Deardorff Schulz

    Crazy ass people

  25. Studied for 40 years doesn’t remember parts

  26. What’s the numbers looking like? 3 maybe 4

  27. Trump is the king of the south??? LMAO NO, we don’t claim him. Absolutely not.

  28. How does Hiram keep a straight face when they’re talking?! 👏🏼🤣

  29. Donald Trump- king of the south (born in New York, a fuckin yank) hahahahahahahaa

  30. Just give the poor guy some meth money and he will be fine.

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