City Hall Protestors Arrested – Anti Prop B protestors were arrested today.


  1. This dude tried to come into my yard by opening my gate.

  2. I met him before that’s his emotional support animal

  3. I have to look for chicken man on insts. Please hold

  4. Where the hell are the social workers?! Poor girl

  5. Stacie Shea Williams
    Stacie Shea Williams

    Why is she arguing with him. It’s his experience.

  6. Stop arguing with him he knows what’s going on

  7. Might be time to move on from the chicken man interview lol

  8. San really really against the homeless they raised millions

  9. Stacie Shea Williams
    Stacie Shea Williams

    Warned?!? Where are they supposed to go. Y’all are hateful and short-sighted. Help someone instead of hating.

  10. Off topic, how did you end up with a chicken friend?

  11. Save Austin now is a trash organization. Anyone who invests or supports that organization is part of the problem!

  12. Hey Hiram
    Thankyou for streaming. Hey all

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  18. Most awesome! You’re standing for right is appreciated! Someone ought to be bringing food and water.

  19. It’s true people don’t want to hire the homeless. They are expected to purchase food daily if necessary.

  20. That’s true if your homeless and it’s on your ID they will not hire you

  21. Where do they get the electricity from?

  22. Mines is Ladyofjustice I’m for the homeless to I use to be homeless at the Salvation Army shelter I know the pure hatred for the homeless

  23. I have to get back to studying, but thanks for being out there, and giving these people a voice. 💚💚💚

  24. The hotels are a way for them to make money for the city in taxes. You have to have taxes to get money to help. Money doesn’t grow on trees.

  25. Report all comments for hate speech against social caste

  26. Check this out when I was homeless I got food stamps now I got housing no food stamps I’m managing it but it’s tough

  27. I love Austin they do help is a lot more giving people than hate it’s more love here in Austin tx

  28. Stacie Shea Williams
    Stacie Shea Williams

    This woman calls these humans by their current housing condition… “Another Homeless”… She is not a friend of those in need.

  29. Please interview Aaron and his Wife. They are located across from the city hall entrance and have been waiting on housing for 4 months now.

  30. Ty for being out there Hiram

  31. With so much homeless why in the hell does the Biden and Harris allowing all the illegals in and housing them????

  32. Check out the camping McKinney Falls it’s nicer there than city hall

  33. Biden and Harris would rather put illegals first and supply them with free housing and food .

  34. Biden and Harris don’t even address the issues regarding the homeless in America!😡

  35. Good to hear Hiram

  36. Have a good day all take care

  37. Spam those hearts!

  38. You hang up first.

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