Farewell Address of President Donald J. Trump


  1. Let me ask you , What do you read into it?

  2. Somebody wrote a politically correct speech for him. He randomly added the “luck” part

  3. Full of himself

  4. He is the political violence that attacked our country. I hope now that he will be separated from his followers they will wake up from their brainwashed manipulation.

  5. He SUCKS!

  6. Scary he thinks he has a future with his loyal followers…

  7. Curious as to what he means by, “the best is yet to come.” comment.

  8. I think it means he learned how to read a teleprompter and stay on script. Oh, and that he was making a cya move.

  9. The best is yet to come 😉

  10. Funny that this was posted yet I haven’t seen a single post with any of Biden or Harris speeches since they won. So much for impartial journalism

  11. I think no one cares to read or hear what he has to say ever again.

  12. You caught the same things I did

  13. His last words were awoo

  14. Marsha Evans Milsom
    Marsha Evans Milsom

    I’m wondering if he passed his Presidency to the military? That would be the beginning of the New World. His speech sounded like he wants us to read between the lines???🤔

  15. He finally gets it. He knows he is headed to PRISON! That’s were he needs to be for what he didn’t do after finding out about COVID 19. The number of deaths on him is unbelievable

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