Housing is a Human Right protest.


  1. No sound.

  2. good evening

  3. Hey Birthday Boy

  4. :O happy birthday!

  5. Hi Happy Birthday!

  6. You’ve got sound now, but it’s so loud it’s fuzzing out and distorting.

  7. Probably the heat is making his equipment overheat.

  8. π•‹π•™π•–π”½π•’π•žπ•šπ•π•ͺ'π•€π•Šπ• π•¦π•‘ 𝕋𝕍
    π•‹π•™π•–π”½π•’π•žπ•šπ•π•ͺ'π•€π•Šπ• π•¦π•‘ 𝕋𝕍

    Happy Birthday

  9. Solidarity from Louisville KY ✊🏼

  10. Can not hear anything

  11. Who or what entity has declared housing a right ?

  12. Socialist propaganda

  13. Is there a new law?

  14. Sounds like socialism?

  15. audio is scratched out.

  16. that’s too bad, housing is my specialty!

  17. Wow. It’s so crowded πŸ™„

  18. All those folks that THINK they are ENTITLED.

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