ImHiram – Hiram Live w/ Hiram Gilberto – Austin, TX – ELECTION PROTESTS Coveri…

ImHiram – Hiram Live w/ Hiram Gilberto – Austin, TX – ELECTION PROTESTS
Covering the story as it happens, capturing the truth as it unfolds on the ground.
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  1. These are the people who toss the Monopoly board when they go bankrupt

  2. These are the people who screamed and cried on the grocery store floor when their mom said they couldnt have a candy bar

  3. Christine McAlister
    Christine McAlister

    Wish they would be wearing masks and social distancing. Rallies are great, otherwise! U.S.A.!

  4. It’s outside the governor’s mansion. Funnily enough that road is always closed via dps/nat guard under the threat of trespass every time there’s a liberal March in town

  5. Super spreader… I feel so bad for our tired nurses and doctors

  6. He has an awesome use of English idioms for someone with ESL…

  7. HIRAM! That man said stop filming him and you need to respect his rights!

  8. There’s always been election fraud! Do some research! Just never to this level.

  9. These people don’t care about our front liners….. nurses are tired. ????

  10. Maybe they can all go live on Mar A Lago while he’s in prison

  11. The election is over, sad babies. Go cry at home.

  12. I love Project veratas because they are basically always wrong. Just believe the oppoisite of what they say.

  13. Even trumps attempts to cheat didn’t help his corrupt incompetent butt.

  14. So glad to see local Austinites of like mind. ???? check out Jennifer Fleck FB for local evidence of Stop the Fraud issue

  15. That dude that was eating peanut butter and gravel sandwiches

  16. US military seized servers in Frankfurt Germany. Check it out for yourselves.

  17. Ya’ll rightwingers weren’t here with the rioting comments in the last 200 video of his, where he’s presenting the other side being comoletely peaceful, as they a tually were

  18. i hope they get the same treatment by the police that BLM has been subjected to!

  19. Lol she wasn’t a poll watcher she was a former candidate trying to gain entry.

  20. Joie Stacie Guerrero
    Joie Stacie Guerrero

    Was that lady doing a Hitler salute??? Le sigh.

  21. The fishnet mask thing? Really? What a way to care for your fellow American. This is going to spread so much more Covid.

  22. Rachael Serena Young
    Rachael Serena Young

    Mexico isn’t socialist, and they have cheaper education and better health care

  23. People are dying in the US because of lack of Healthcare access currently

  24. she is saying, its worse to pay 150$ and not being able to find a job… than paying way more, on average, for the same education here- and not be able to find a job. what?

  25. Rachael Serena Young
    Rachael Serena Young

    Nothing to see here, just another uninformed Trump cult worshiper serving word salad

  26. A mask would help keep all her hair out of her mouth

  27. Thank you fine patriot who appreciates our democracy and our freedoms. You voice it well. ??

  28. I love that they think all Dems want to take the guns, many of us love guns!

  29. She just asked him if he’s heard about something she apparently hasn’t heard of herself

  30. What a world you guys live in ? I would be freaked to see people walking around with guns

  31. Mishelle Marlien Rohrich
    Mishelle Marlien Rohrich

    I’m doing the happy dance still ? and I will be dancing on Jan 20 and praising God!

  32. Yes, the wall has proven to collapse all tunnels and ground all flights ?

  33. Seriously hiram we should be eating chicken wings right now buddy

  34. Oooh so bc she was lucky, everyone should be

  35. This guy is a creep with nothing valuable to say walk away

  36. Even FOX news knows Trump is a tyrant trying to avoid jail.

  37. Talks about regimes, legitimately suggests violating term limits ?

  38. It’s literally been documented in court that project veritas makes shit up and their stuff can not be admissible as evidence in court because of it.

  39. Go to Breitbart, it’s not quite, yes they have a permit…..

  40. The cost of dental care in the US is sickening

  41. Imagine a world where we are all as dedicated to actual truth as we are to our “side” being right ✌

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