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ImHiram – Hiram Live w/ Hiram Gilberto – Austin, TX


ImHiram – Hiram Live w/ Hiram Gilberto – Austin, TX –

Covering the story as it happens, capturing the truth as it unfolds on the ground.
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  1. Hi Hiram!

  2. Hi crew!

  3. if you don’t mention what I’m thinking after saying ‘a slow week’ I’m going to be upset

  4. Did he hear about what tragically happened in Nashville on christmas day?

  5. A stimulus bill will pass but average Joe’s will get nothing. You don’t jerk people around for eight months and not have an urge to do it over and over again.

  6. Yes I saw he signed it with stipulation I thought

  7. He wants another investigation into voter fraud

  8. Yelp data shows that 60% of business closures are now permanent.

  9. People are thousands in debt from back rent. How is $600 enough?

  10. Electricity alone 2,200

  11. Yes. I continued paying auto loan, insurance, gas bill, WiFi, food, so electricity fell behind and hopefully got assistance for rent

  12. Where this happened is also where a lot of the homeless are camped….I hope that was not a motive.

  13. I was just reading all the conspiracy theories around the bombing.
    Alex Jones comin in hot with this one. 😳

  14. France and the UK don’t boarder each other

  15. im waiting for the zombie mutation. Ive already granted my mother permission to eat my face

  16. Those mutations is because it’s biological warfare in my opinion. Please don’t call me Alex.

  17. I love this show!

  18. There’s no way the covid alteration ISN’T in the US

  19. You look so handsome today 😍 Sorry just side note thanks for this info.

  20. By getting a pardon you can no longer plead the 5th

  21. Hiram the nurse that passed out (Tiffany Dover) from the pfizer vaccine, there are reports that she is dead.. there has been a gag order from her family and her social accounts are not active. Look into it.

  22. Ive heard thats a hoax, though I cannot account for her silence

  23. She’s alive. She probably locked down her accounts because she was getting messages and all kinds of stuff from strangers.

  24. More crazy people spreading misinformation

  25. You should talk about what happened to Brandy Vaughan

  26. Can we do a hot or not segment on this new show?

  27. Why does in say Andrew Mercado is joining you?

  28. Tiffany Dover the nurse that passed out is from Tennessee, may be talking about the wrong person

  29. Guess no hot or not segment. 😭

  30. Thank you. Followed you in Austin, lives!!

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