LIVE Stop the Heart Beat Bill @Texas Governors Mansion

LIVE Stop the Heart Beat Bill @Texas Governors Mansion


  1. Hello Hiram. Thanks for being out!

  2. Hey Hiram

  3. Hey Kerry hey Georgia

  4. Hey all

  5. Shared
    Hey Ann Marie

  6. Your mom should have rid of your evilness

  7. Hey Marsha

  8. Oh now we are going to hear about their abortions..That is not women’s healthcare..its murder!!

  9. What’s this about Gilead?

  10. Then if it’s your body. Then take care of it and don’t get pregnant..

  11. Cancel the governor and not use birth control. Got it.

  12. In my opinion self care would be to use birth control and this wouldnt be necessary

  13. Donna Rich-Tocknell
    Donna Rich-Tocknell

    Isn’t their not a morning after pill?

  14. Donna Rich-Tocknell
    Donna Rich-Tocknell

    There *

  15. Then don’t have sex? Condoms don’t need a script

  16. be responsible if you cant get birth control dont mess around, its a choice also

  17. Governor Abbott..Thank you!!

  18. Why do women here assume that every woman who has an unintended pregnancy is irresponsible? Birth control has a failure rate. A certain percentage of birth control users will get pregnant. And rape and incest are a thing.

  19. Abortion is MURDER

  20. Abortion is slavery . It allows the woman whose child is growing in the womb to treat that life as property to be destroyed as she wishes

  21. No one likes abortion!!! But there are reasons that do exist that an abortion is needed, sadly😔

  22. Omg same people who cry when you don’t wear a mask and scream at you! Hypocrites

  23. Here’s a novel idea

  24. Wow this lady teaches kids?

  25. Maybe this man instead of saying hey hey ho ho, he can push for men’s birth control.

  26. Stopping a beating heart is murder

  27. How does a law on abortion stop someone from taking birth control?

  28. It wicked to think that killing your offspring is “freedom” and “healthcare”.

  29. Abortion is murder and those who get them are murderers.

  30. It’ll be both.

  31. Hello, well-spoken articulate secular Democrat guy!

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