MASS SHOOTING – 6th Street ATX – 17 Shot. Multiple Suspected Dead.


  1. Denise Donovan Haughn
    Denise Donovan Haughn

    Watching from Rhode Island. Grew up in San Antonio. Thank you for the live stream Hiram

  2. Why would the police tell you anything about an open investigation that’s not gonna be covered at the pres conference?

  3. You are a great, Hiram-steady on

  4. What happened to the regular patrols on 6th street? They used to be on every block

  5. 9th Street -Valero Station

  6. happened in front of 512, plenty of people out in the streets. People who aren’t saying if active or contained or not yet

  7. Happened in front of 512. Multiple people shot. Confirmed with my eyes. Unknown unnumbered.

  8. Scanner is saying way more than 10 and mass casualty incident

  9. We don’t even have names or faces of the victims…have a tad of empathy

  10. How would this have to do with politics?

  11. I’m at media briefing, nobody here yet. Keep asking people on 6th

  12. Suzie Lenzen literally one of the most popular streets in town

  13. Media briefing is at 9th and 35, PR is still not here. Stay interviewing

  14. 12 patients so far according to Austin EMS twitter

  15. You should be able to enter since you think it’s politics.

  16. HIRAM!!!! Michael Rene has updated Twitter for you

  17. The politician you think it’s about isn’t one.

  18. He’s breaking my heart. I want to give him a hug

  19. Yo get him off camera. You’re going to get him into trouble by the cops when they see this video

  20. Good catch, Hiram-love us some Hiram

  21. Sorry that you are going through this sir

  22. Denise Donovan Haughn
    Denise Donovan Haughn

    Very good of you Hiram to reach out to this guy. PTSD is real and watching shit like a mass shooting will trigger folks in a heartbeat

  23. All I wanna know from APD is who fired the first shots. Suspect, or police?

  24. Where downtown was the shooting? Multiple areas? Drive by? Inside a club?

  25. Political Andy over here espousing nonsense during coverage of a mass shooting. Have some respect.

  26. Can you get to the back side of Jackalope?

  27. Officer reported: As of now, they are saying avoid areas. Treating as Active investigation but NOT an active incident

  28. You go about what you’re doing the wrong way fyi.

  29. Someone needs to help you how you go about this

  30. These are Questions I’ve personally asked officer in front of me. Hiram, I’ll see you down here

  31. Why the fuck do you keep saying it’s not political. Why the hell would it be about that to Begin with

  32. I watched a video and it looks like it was in front of the Mooseknuckle bar

  33. Ems Twitter reported transport for 12 victims in critical condition

  34. You think the captain is going to brief the news at this hour? Lol

  35. I never go down there really any more but I’m not scared kinda

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